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likoria?Did you know? The vagina is self-cleansing. The consistency and color of bodily fluids and discharge can be a sign of a woman’s overall health.


What is likoria (leukorrhea)?

likoria (leukorrhea) is a medical condition in which women have yellowish or whitish-colored discharge. The discharge is often thick and inconsistent. Most girls are concerned about the consistency of their discharge, believing it to be a sign of a serious condition. However, this is often a simple vaginal infection.

Vaginal discharge usually occurs just before a woman’s period is about to begin or when she is sexually stimulated. Some discharge can be beneficial and act as a natural lubricant to the vagina.

Is likoria (leukorrhea) Normal?

Yes. likoria symptoms are completely normal. likoria can occur in pregnant women when they are nearing their period, after infection of the female genitals or hormonal irregularities.

Different types of likoria

Three main types of likoria are common among women:

1- Inflammatory leukorrhea

This is a sign of an organic bacterial infection. Your vaginal mucus becomes irritated during this type of likoria. It can cause yellowish discharge and a strong odour.

2- Parasitic leukorrhea

This form of likoria can be caused by the presence of trichomonas vulginalis, a protozoan parasite. Symptoms include severe vaginal itching and thick yellow discharge.

3- Physiological leukorrhea

The likoria type should not be feared. It usually occurs during pregnancy and is caused by increased blood flow to the uterus due to higher estrogen levels.

likoria (leukorrhea) Causes

leukorrhea is most commonly caused by:

  • Pregnancy, menstruation, premenstrual periods, and uterine congestion.
  • Inflammations of the female genitalia
  • Itching and infection can be caused by intrauterine devices and chemical contraceptives.
  • Stress, anxiety, sexual tension, and other mental disorders can lead to excessive stress.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Immoderate or unhealthy diet.
  • Conditions such as anemia and tuberculosis can affect health.

leukorrhea (likoria) Symptoms

The symptoms can indicate underlying diseases and should be treated promptly. Below are some symptoms of Leucorrhea.

  • The vulva is itching.
  • Extremely painful vulva
  • Abnormal discharge.
  • Foul-smelling discharge (fish-like smell).
  • Yellow, thick yogurt-like discharge.
  • Between two menstrual cycles, vaginal bleeding can occur.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen similar to menstrual cramps.
  • Painful intercourse or pain after intercourse.
  • Intercourse bleeding
  • Urination pains.
  • Unusual discharge can be caused by vaginal inflammation or vaginitis.
  • Atypical skin growth around the vaginal region.
  • Vaginal swelling that is intense
  • Lower backache

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likoria Treatment

leukorrhea treatment depends on the underlying cause. As an alternative to likoria remedies, antibiotics and antimicrobial drugs can be used to treat bacterial vignanosis. To treat yeast infections, patients who have been allergic to antibiotics and those who have had allopathic likoria treatment that has many negative side effects can be given vaginal creams.

Ayurveda leukorrhea Treatment

Namyaa Shwetkanika is an Ayush Certified product and a natural remedy for likoria. This medicine addresses the cause of the white, foul-smelling discharge.

It reduces the burning sensations and itching in the vaginal area. It also balances fluctuating hormone levels.

Homeopathy leukorrhea Treatment

Let’s take a look at some homeopathic remedies for Leucorrhea.

1- Sepia Officinalis

Sepia Officinalis could be used as a natural remedy to treat Leucorrhea. This is a condition that causes excessive sweating, hot flushes and weakness in women nearing menopause. This drug can be helpful if the discharge is yellowish green in colour and the vulva itches frequently.

2- Alumina

Alumina is often used to treat excessively watery or heavy discharges. For chronic constipation sufferers, alumina can be used to treat the condition. It is effective and lasts for days.

3- Calcarea Carbonica

This medicine is great for itchy skin and milky white discharge. This medicine is great for Leucorrhea that gets worse after urination.

4- Kreosotum

Kreosotum is often the best natural treatment for Leucorrhea.

5- Natrum Muriaticum

Natrum Muriaticum could be a natural treatment that will reduce Leucorrhea, which is characterized by thick, transparent, and white discharges.

6- Hydrastis Canadensis

Hydrastis Canadensis can be used to treat Leucorrhea.

leukorrhea Treatment Reception

  • Cleanse the vaginal area with freshly squeezed juice or water.
  • Okra can be eaten raw or mildly cooked.
  • Aim to eat at least one to two bananas each day.
  • Drink one glass of fresh fruit juice once a day, preferably without sugar. It is great for your vaginal health.
  • After straining the coriander seeds, soak them in water overnight. The next day, drink the water empty stomach.
  • Before using any of these home remedies for leucorrhea, women should seek medical advice.

likoria in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is when leukorrhea becomes more common. The increased blood supply to the pelvis and the rise in estrogen levels, which causes frequent discharge, are the main reasons. An increase in blood flow and stimulation of the mucous membranes by pregnancy hormones can cause an increase in discharge.

It isn’t dangerous and isn’t a sign to be worried about. It’s easily detectable in pregnancy and will become more obvious as you reach maturity.

leukorrhea, (Likoria): When should you be worried?

leukorrhea (also known as Likoria) is not a serious medical condition and can be easily treated. If your discharge is clean and consistent in colour and consistency, there are no serious issues. If you have any of the above symptoms, consult your doctor immediately, especially if pregnant women.

  • Itching and burning sensations may accompany the discharge.
  • If you have painful urination.
  • If you bleed during intercourse.
  • If the discharge consistency is thick and has a foul odor.

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How long will likoria last?

likoria can last up to 14 days.

How can I tell if I have leukorrhea or not?

A healthy discharge is different from a discharge that suggests you have likoria. Your likelihood of having likoria is high if your discharge has a pungent odour and is yellowish-green, lumpy, or causes pain when you urinate.

Does leukorrhea Affect Periods?

No. likoria doesn’t affect female menstruation. It’s normal for the female body to produce a few teaspoons of urine per day. Your discharge becomes more sticky towards the end of your period. You’ll notice a thinner, more stretchy discharge if the egg hasn’t been fertilized and released with the uterine line.

Does leukorrhea Mean You’re Pregnant?

likoria does not necessarily mean that a woman is pregnant. It’s not unusual for a lady with mild-smelling, milky discharge to occur before she becomes pregnant. During pregnancy, estrogen levels in an adult female’s body are high. This signals to your vagina to produce more discharge. An increased amount of white and creamy discharge may be seen in the early stages of pregnancy. An infection could only be detected if the discharge is greenish yellowish or very foul-smelling.

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Can likoria cause Infertility?

You should not leave this condition untreated if you have a foul-smelling discharge that is yellow or green. This could cause serious complications such as infertility and pelvic disease.

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